Ziggy Marley Dragonfly

Shedding the Melody Makers, Ziggy has stepped out with a solo album and has finally found his niche. It's been a long time coming for the second most famous Marley, but with Dragonfly, Ziggy stops trying to be the commercially viable Bob Jr. that has plagued much of his career and seems to be writing and singing with his own voice. Perhaps the song "True to Myself" is a mandate for the album, and if so, it is fulfilled. Indeed, this album bears little resemblance to much of its forebears. Ziggy easily melds his birthright reggae, often very subtly, into these singer/songwriter-based creations adding dabs of rock guitar or funk bass to otherwise sparse acoustic arrangements. In "I Get Out" we hear what is really on the singer's mind — getting away from the image factory the music industry has become. The only image projected with Dragonfly is a musician at his finest. (Tuff Gong)