Ying Yang Twins To Debate "Saggy Jeans" On Dr. Phil

Ying Yang Twins To Debate 'Saggy Jeans' On <i>Dr. Phil</i>
The Ying Yang Twins (aka Kaine and D-Roc) are scheduled to appear on this Monday's (January 28) episode of Dr. Phil to debate the "saggy jean" fashion trend, according to XXLMag.com. The ATL duo behind the 2005 hit "Wait (The Whisper Song)" will no doubt be arguing for the look, while it appears as though the founders of the Dallas based Hip-Hop Government organisation - which works within the hip-hop culture to encourage young people to get involved in politics - Rev. Al Sharpton and Dallas Deputy Pro Tem Mayor Dwaine Caraway will be arguing against. The episode's subject arose from the Hip-Hop Government's "Pull 'Em Up" campaign, which protests against the look of baggy pants and exposed boxer shorts.

The HHG believe the fashion statement is generally misconstrued outside of hip-hop culture, and often leads to stereotyping and profiling, thus reducing employment opportunities. Co-founder of the HHG, Chris Williams expressed his delight over taking their movement onto Dr. Phil, saying: "We are excited for the opportunity to address issues that concern our culture. Too often, when members of the hip-hop community are in the media, it's for something negative. It feels good to know that we are being invited because we are recognised for our positive contributions to the community."

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Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)"