Ying Yang Twins United States of Atlanta (Screwed and Chopped)

DJ Michael "5000” Watts has taken the torch from Houston’s DJ Screw as the main operator for slowing down (screwing) rap from the Dirty South, making it more suitable for sitting sideways getting twisted in Cadillacs. When it comes to the oversexed hyperactive Ying Yang Twins, turning it down a couple of notches is kind of cool. Their ridiculous in your face brand of Crunk becomes dirtier, deeper and definitely more intoxicated. DJ Michael "5000” chops the songs back and forth on the turntables and "Wait (The Whisper Song)” becomes even more shameless and raunchy. If the original induced strippers, candles and blunts, the screwed version induces more strippers, red lights and opium. "Live Again” featuring Adam Levine from Maroon 5 — the current hip-hop cameo kid — is deeply sweet when it’s screwed down, and quite possibly better than the original. Put bluntly, screwing and chopping the song pulls it down to earth and gives it more balls. Listening to an entire rap album screwed and chopped can also mess with your head midway through. Something just isn’t right. Listening to music at half speed while the rest of the world is spinning in real time should only be done as a novelty because the nausea creeps up fast enough. (TVT)