Woolworm "Useless"

Woolworm 'Useless'
Self-described blanket-rock quartet Woolworm are back with another EP's worth of warm and fuzzy tones. But before the band's new Everything Seems Obvious gets a physical release through Hockey Dad Records, you can let the sounds of lead single "Useless" smother you via a stream on Exclaim!

Despite the cobalt haze of Giles Roy's forlorn vocals, here delivered via guilt-laced lyrics and falsetto coos, "Useless" sizzles with '90s-style alt-rock hooks, white-noise guitar levels and deft drum pounding. You'll find a stream of the distorted ode to feeling empty down below.

As for Everything Seems Obvious, the record arrive June 19 and follows last year's split 7-inch with Calgary's Grown-Ups and 2012 full-length Believe in Ourselves. A press release explains that this latest four-song release "further mines the band's feedback soaked tributes to teen years wasted playing in punk bands and sincerely trying to learn the lyrics to every Dinosaur Jr. song."

Woolworm will celebrate the record's release with a show at Vancouver's Astoria venue on June 19. Check out the Facebook event here