We Are the City Rent a Very Expensive Hotel Room for "Killer B-Side Music" Video

Their new album 'RIP' is out this month
We Are the City Rent a Very Expensive Hotel Room for 'Killer B-Side Music' Video
We Are the City have a new album called RIP due out this month, and in advance of one of Exclaim!'s 31 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2020, they have shared a trippy new video for the single "Killer B-Side Music."

For the video, the Vancouver trio blew pretty much their entire budget on a $3,200 hotel room and then filmed it on their phones.

In a statement, drummer Andrew Huculiak said, "It was us, our phones, Instagram Live and a loud hotel room. With no set plan, we chased whims all night, slept one hour, shot the sunrise and continued from there. Sometimes the most inspiring art to witness is art within your capabilities — you see the ingredients, the recipe, how it was put together, and that's inspiring because you realize you're capable of the same thing. You are the technician. You have access to the tools."

The results blend opulent surroundings with spontaneous goofing off and some seriously psychedelic effects. It's a fittingly dramatic visual accompaniment to the song's slinky, skulking verses and climatic rock crescendos.

See video for "Killer B-Side Music" below.

All month, We Are the City are operating an events space in Vancouver called the RIP Store. Located at 568 E. Broadway, it offers free WiFi, free coffee, cheap drinks and live events through the month.

RIP arrives on January 24 through Light Organ Records. Check out the band's upcoming European tour dates here.