Toronto's Mr. Joy Bring the Summer Vibes with "Temptation"

The track appears on the group's forthcoming "mini-album," 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'
Toronto's Mr. Joy Bring the Summer Vibes with 'Temptation'
After releasing The Dreamer's Workbook last year amid the pandemic, Toronto's Mr. Joy underwent massive changes: three of the band's four members left the city and bassist Harrison Forman went nomadic, moving into his trailer last winter. The band were able to keep the creative juices flowing virtually, and as such have returned with plans for a new record titled Yes! Yes! Yes!, due for release through Blob Records next month.

"The songs from Yes! Yes! Yes! were written for a live performance first, which is not how we normally work," singer-songwriter and multimedia artist Blob explained of the effort in a statement. "It's definitely mellower and more of an ambient vibe. On this album we got into the idea of dub mixes, resampling ourselves a lot more and making grooves out of the pieces."

Ahead of releasing their "mini-album" on July 9, the group have shared a new single from the forthcoming effort, a groovy track titled "Temptation," which was produced and mixed by the group's own Asher Gould-Murtagh and engineered by Toronto psych-rocker, Pat Lefler, a.k.a. ROY.

Listen to their latest below.