The Great Sabatini Bring Catharsis on "Dirge of the Cruel"

The Montreal band's 32-minute track was 10 years in the making
The Great Sabatini Bring Catharsis on 'Dirge of the Cruel'
Known for their barrage of riffs and volume, the Great Sabatini have traded in their trademark sounds for an experimental noise track on "Dirge of the Cruel" — a sprawling piece of work that stretches past the 30-minute mark. The Montreal band have crafted an emotionally cleansing and meditative experience through their take on noise-filled drone. 

The group's creative mastermind, Sean Arsenian, states the song had a 10-year gestation period before seeing the light of day.

Here's how Arsenian explains the song's gensis:

Circa 2009, Joey took the song 'Birth of the Cruel' from our first album, Sad Parade of Yesterdays, and stretched it out while maintaining pitch just for kicks. The end result was a 32-minute drone soundscape which we thought was rather novel, but then quickly forgot about. In 2019, while digging around on an old hard drive for archival purposes, I rediscovered this thing and sent it to our friend Scott Miller (Anthesis, Frig Dancer) over at Ancient Temple Recordings, and he processed it a bunch more and mastered it for us.

The end result could be loosely described as Sunn O))), Merzbow and Lustmord driving a tractor through a wind tunnel on fire. This was a very cool experiment, especially in that it took 10 years to enter the world in its current form, and we're happy to have this as a chapter in our body of work.

You can check out the exclusive premiere of the track down below.