Sweet Apple "Reunion" (ft. Robert Pollard) (video)

Sweet Apple 'Reunion' (ft. Robert Pollard) (video)
Centuries removed from the brutal Salem witch trials, a warlock named Sweetapple has returned to take his revenge on miniature Massachusetts residents. That's the haunting backstory we're given in the intro to poppy riff-rock crew Sweet Apple's new video for The Golden Age of Glitter's "Reunion," but it's also a sweet enough premise to watch a couple of costumed kids go bananas once their Snickers are snagged by a longhair on a skateboard.

Witness, if you will, the plight of an ice princess and a stealthy though mask-less ninja as they unsuccessfully try to finagle drummer J. Mascis into giving up some treats, and then have their stash of goodies ganked by an approaching Sweetapple. The rest of the vid plays out as a great chase through streets and cemeteries.

You'll find the Halloween-themed video for the track, which features guest vocals from Robert Pollard, down below.