Steam Whistle Unsigned Fall Concert Update

Steam Whistle Unsigned Fall Concert Update
Photo by Tara Smith (Dill remix)
Steam Whistle Unsigned — the ongoing nationwide concert series that promotes the best up-and-coming indie acts from across our country — is out on the road this fall with punk rock rabble-rousers Teenanger, who are playing shows around Southern Ontario. Look below to get more info on a pair of openers playing two stops on the tour and how you can help an Unsigned alumnus in dire need. Don't forget to visit to find more concerts in your area.
High Kites
(with Teenanger and Get Off the Cop)
Thursday, November 12 at The Casbah, 306 King St. W, Hamilton, ON
Hamilton-based yacht-pop enthusiasts High Kites (pictured above) are a good example of why drinking some brews with buddies isn't always a great idea if you're in too many bands already.
A supergroup of sorts featuring members from a number of well-known local acts — including Cowlick, Twin Within, Grey Lands and Bruce Peninsula — the group formed during a party one night in which Dylan Hudecki remembers being asked by Steve McKay if he wanted to play bass in a new psych-rock band and answered with a resounding yes. Soon Andy Richardson and Dan Empringham entered the fray, and just like that, another band was born.
"This is one band we should have all said no to, but we actually said yes," Hudecki says, commenting on their other myriad musical projects and full-time work commitments. "Now that the ball is rolling though, we have to see it through."
Originally envisioned as a headier act, High Kites quickly transformed into a group looking to mine the more nuggets from garage rock's past. "We had a projectionist that agreed to perform with us, but after we started writing our songs, he left," Hudecki notes.
Now, three years — and three children born to the members — later, the band are issuing their first EP. Lazy River, named after the relaxing and entrancing waterpark staple, is an efficient four-song sampling of High Kites' fun-filled rock songs. But its title also seems to denote the band's ability to go with the flow.
"This is kind of our way to let off some steam... this is just our fun thing, but [it's] our fun thing everyone is really digging," Hudecki says with a laugh, "so it's biting us in the ass now.

Get more details on the show here.
So Young
(with Teenanger and MDMA)
Thursday, November 19 at Call the Office, 216 York St., London, ON

Photo courtesy of Paterson Hodgson
A lot has changed for London-based songwriter Paterson Hodgson over the past few years. A fine arts grad from Bealart, her skill at the cello initially got her swept up in the folk music revival and onto the national music scene with Olenka and the Autumn Lovers in the first half of this decade. It was her poignant lyrics about growing up in a conservative city, crushes and the all-around awkward aspects of being a teenager as the frontwoman for indie rock four-piece So Young, though, that got her the most attention. The band released the eight-song album Try Me last January.
This year saw the departure of long-time lead guitarist Chris Martin, causing Adam Gilkes to move from bass to guitar, Laurie McColeman to join on bass and backing vocals, and Hodgson to take on an even more dominant role.
"Even though it's sad that Chris left, I think we've become a better band, because I've had to become better," Hodgson reflects, citing a growing interest in grittier guitar tones, more playful and political lyrics and solo dexterity as a six-stringer.
Hear for yourself by catching them live on November 19, and look out for new music from the band sometime in the New Year.
Help Ronnie Morris
Back in April of this year, controller.controller and Lioness bassist Ronnie Morris — who played Steam Whistle Unsigned's eighth showcase back in 2008 — suffered two consecutive strokes, which required two life-saving surgeries, at the age of 37. Due to funding restrictions for patients between the ages of 20 and 64, Morris — a part-time TA at York University — and his family will need an estimated $50,000 to $200,000 to help him on his long road to recovery. You can help them on their journey; visit to find out how and learn more about his story.
And that's not all…
Visit, as well as, to find out what Steam Whistle Unsigned has in store for the rest of the fall and into the winter.