​Speedy Ortiz Cover Liz Phair's "Blood Keeper"

​Speedy Ortiz Cover Liz Phair's 'Blood Keeper'
Speedy Ortiz are about to accompany Liz Phair on her upcoming North American tour, and to mark the occasion, the band have covered one of her lesser-known tunes.
Sadie Dupuis and co. have unveiled a rendition of "Blood Keeper," which is an outtake from the 1998 LP Whitechocolatespaceegg. The song was supposedly intended for the Scream 2 soundtrack, but never ended up in the film.
Dupuis explained her decision to cover the song, by revealing the first DM she ever sent Phair: "thanks much for saying hi, it means a lot!! scream tv series made me remember 'blood keeper.' vague plans to record it gary numan style haha."
It's not particularly Numan-esque, but you can hear Dupuis and the rest of Speedy Ortiz's rendition of "Blood Keeper" below.