Sonny Vincent and Rocket From the Crypt Unearth 'Vintage Piss'

Sonny Vincent and Rocket From the Crypt Unearth 'Vintage Piss'
Over 10 years after a studio move buried collaborative recordings between New York punk figure Sonny Vincent and members of San Diego party punks Rocket From the Crypt, the songs have been miraculously dug up for a new release. Ripened and ready to go, the collection arrives as Vintage Piss, and you can take whiff April 28 via Swami Records.

A press release explains that the team-up came about after Swami saluted Vincent's old Testors project with the Complete Recordings 1976-79 release in 2003. The collection was supported with tour dates, with Vincent being backed by Rocket From the Crypt guitarist Speedo (a.k.a. John Reis), drummer Ruby Mars (a.k.a. Mario Rubalcaba) and guitarist ND (a.k.a. Andy Stamets). After the shows, the collaborators opted to hit San Diego's Drag Racist Studios to make an LP. Apparently mixing qualities from both factions' back catalogues, Vintage Piss is described as possessing the "Cro-Magnon spirit of punk rock's beginnings."

The sessions were done off-the-cuff, with the album containing a series of songs created live in the studio. The 13-song set was lost when the studio shut its doors after a fire in 2003. The band recently revisited the master tapes, left unfinished and in a "state of degradation," and have prepped them for release. Reis acts as producer, while Ben Moore mixed the set and Dave Gardner mastered it all at Magneto Mastering.

Prior to Vintage Piss a collection of revamped Testors material, recorded in studio and in concert, arrived as Sonny Vincent with Members of Rocket From the Crypt in 2009.

Vintage Piss:

1. Unlock
2. Through My Head
3. Pieces
4. Pick Up The Slack
5. It's Not Your Fault
6. Her Hand
7. Talking Trash
8. Dream
9. They Say You Are Crazy
10. Sharp Knife
11. Daily Procedure
12. Something I Gotta Do
13. Vintage Piss