Someone Recreated Rammstein's Epic Stage Setup Out of Lego

Someone Recreated Rammstein's Epic Stage Setup Out of Lego
While Rammstein's touring plans are on hold for the foreseeable future, one dedicated fan is celebrating the band's infamously intricate stage setup in a creative new way — by recreating it using Lego blocks.

Submitting a proposal to make their design a reality through Lego's Ideas website, the fan going by the name Airbricks mocked up a massive 1,493-piece set based on Rammstein's real-life concert setup that we learned last year takes 60 hours and multiple transport trucks to build

The block version features the band's six members and their instruments, as well as a functioning elevator "to say goodbye to the public at the end of the concert." Additionally, the designer explained that they made the set to "remind me of the good times spent at the concert when we didn't have this disease hanging around."

They added: "Hoping that soon all this will be behind us. I hope many of you will like it and that you will vote for my project to title Stadium Tour."

Rammstein have now offered their stamp of approval on the project, hoping it will help the set become a reality. They shared images of the proposed set via their social platforms, urging fans to get Airbricks' design to 10,000 votes. If you want to help make their Lego dreams come true, you can cast your vote here

See the Lego stage and revisit a video of the band's epic setup below.

Rammstein would love to have this construction kit. Join us to reach the 10,000 votes! Vote now:

Posted by Rammstein on Friday, April 23, 2021