Socalled Announces 'Peoplewatching' Album

Socalled Announces 'Peoplewatching' Album
Eclectic Montreal musician Socalled has been keeping it weird for more than a decade now, and from the sound of things, he's up to his usual tricks on his latest full-length. The album is called Peoplewatching, and it's due out on April 28 via Dare to Care Records.

A press release notes that the album finds songwriter Josh Dolgin mixing "soul, rigodon, cabaret, jazz-fusion, klezmer and electro with a universal pop core."

He made it with his usual cast of collaborators plus guests including James Brown/Parliament-Funkadelic trombone player Fred Wesley, dancehall musician Josey Wales, jazz pianist Oliver Jones, and notable Quebecois musicians Pierre Perpall and Yves Lambert.

Socalled also recorded his first-ever entirely solo song, the piano-and-voice number "Fire on Hutchison St." There's even a condensed rap version of Socalled's 2013 musical The Season, logically titled "The Season Rap Mix."

To hear what Socalled and company cooked up, listen the track "Boyfriend Material" at the bottom of this page. It's a bubbly electro-hip-hop cut with traces of soul and jazz.

The initial release will be CD and digital download. A release date for the vinyl is still forthcoming.


1. Everyone Else Must Fail
2. Boyfriend Material
3. Peoplewatching
4. Never See You Again
5. Bootycaller
6. Dreamin'
7. Extra Ordinary
8. Fire on Hutchison Street
9. The Season Rap Mix
10. Curried Soul 2.0

Tour dates:

05/08 Quebec, QC - Le Cercle

05/14 Montreal, QC - Fairmount Theater