Sepultura Return with 'Machine Messiah'

Sepultura Return with 'Machine Messiah'
Three years removed from releasing The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart, metal vets Sepultura have revealed the details behind their 14th studio album. Titled Machine Messiah, the new disc will arrive January 13 through Nuclear Blast.

Ten tracks in length, Machine Messiah was inspired by humanity's increased dependency on technology, and was produced by the band and Jens Bogren in Örebro, Sweden. 

"The main inspiration around Machine Messiah is the robotisation of our society nowadays. The concept of a God Machine who created humanity and now it seems that this cycle is closing itself, returning to the starting point," guitarist Andreas Kisser explained in a statement. "We came from machines and we are going back to where we came from. The messiah, when he returns, will be a robot, or an humanoid, our bio-mechanical savior."

Vocalist Derrick Green said Machine Messiah will push the band's sound in unexplored directions. "This album, it's exciting, because I think a lot of fans don't have any idea what to expect, but they know that a Sepultura album is always different from the last," he said. "I think that makes us better musicians, and I think that's what our fans expect."

The album's detailed artwork, which you can see above, was created by Camille Della Rosa. 

"When I saw her paintings, I was really impressed by her style, full of colours and meaning, very unique and alive!" Kisser said. "She comes from the Philippines, a place where we performed some years ago and we could feel the intensity of their culture, very powerful! She has that power in her paintings and drawings!"

Read through Machine Messiah's tracklist and watch the band perform album cut "I Am the Enemy" below. 

Machine Messiah:

1. Machine Messiah
2. I Am The Enemy
3. Phantom Self
4. Alethea
5. Iceberg Dances
6. Sworn Oath
7. Resistant Parasites
8. Silent Violence
9. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God