Sadie Dupuis (of Speedy Ortiz) "Krampus (in Love)" (demo)

Sadie Dupuis (of Speedy Ortiz) 'Krampus (in Love)' (demo)
Sure, there are plenty of Christmas songs about Santa Claus and his reindeer, but what about mythical holiday demon Krampus? Fortunately, Speedy Ortiz member Sadie Dupuis has finally written an ode to the creature.

The artist shared a demo for "Krampus (On Love)," and it's a bizarre three-minute track built on drum machines and synths. Finally, Krampus gets some musical recognition.

Listen to "Krampus (in Love)" below, where you'll also find the song's lyrics. Thanks to Noisey for the tip.

"Krampus (in Love)" lyrics:

Here we go a-wassailing, assaulting what was right. Co-sign on the love of the earth to feel its light. Sign me up for choir if I'm the only lady singing. 'Cuz all I want is solitude. Gift me reprise from you and you.

Bite down 'cuz I love her, not because I need a muzzle. Even supervillains plead insanity in love. In the hero years we kissed under the mistletoe we're missing. Sick of firing first shots on and off? Let's make a break so we can say next winter we're in love.

Here we go with sweaters on to save us from our skins. Rather take a cheat for sleep than stay up counting sled marks. Sign me up for stocking stuffed with old memorial gore. All I want is solitude. The next thing that I want is you.

I'm fed up, you better feed me, or best believe I'm going missing. The first star we both see tonight is out of sight, like love. If beauty is a terror, will snow cover the evidence of love as something beautiful?