Rammstein Launch Pricey Balenciaga Merch Line Including a $3,000 Raincoat

Rammstein Launch Pricey Balenciaga Merch Line Including a $3,000 Raincoat
Photo: Balenciaga
Rammstein have partnered up with high-end fashion label Balenciaga to launch a new line of super bougie band merch.

The band have now listed a collection of "limited edition" swag through the Balenciaga Music line, hawking items like a new branded fannypack for just over $1,000.

It's unclear what exactly makes these items — like their $3,050 raincoat or $625 ball cap — worth such a pretty penny beyond the Balenciaga label, but evidently, fans are lapping it up. The band's hoodies, T-shirts, hats and backpacks are all already out of stock.

Rammstein rarely shy away from, uh, eccentric branding opportunities, so the new line in itself isn't so much of a shock. If fans are looking for a more affordable way to pledge their devotion to the band, frontman Till Lindemann's Doctor Dick's online store has a selection of slightly more affordable (albeit phallically inclined) wares. 

In between cashing in on various souvenirs, the band have been keeping busy recording new material at La Fabrique studio in France. Last month, they revealed that downtime during the pandemic away from touring has helped them to complete an entire record in lockdown.