Norma Jean on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies

Norma Jean on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies
For this new series on our Exclaim! TV's Aggressive Tendencies channel, we're looking back on bands' essential albums. Nostalgic Tendencies was inspired by the fact that the classic albums of 10 years ago came out around the advent of YouTube and before online interview videos, so we're filling that with the stories behind these pieces of music that have held up over time.

Our first subjects are Georgia metalcore unit Norma Jean, who just wrapped up a tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of O' God, the Aftermath. Long-time vocalist Cory Brandan — then newly inducted after original screamer Josh Scogin quit — speaks of his first effort with the band, with whom he's since released four more albums.

In our interview, he details the band's experience traveling to Seattle to record with Matt Bayles (Botch, ISIS, Mastodon) and reflects on the record's lyrical themes, musical style, anthemic singing and the origin of its title. Find out which track on the album was inspired by Nirvana and get nostalgic with Norma Jean's chaotic classic via the player below.

Interviewed by Bradley Zorgdrager
Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Edited by Bradley Zorgdrager