Noname to Change 'Room 25' Cover After Artist Accused of Assault

Noname to Change 'Room 25' Cover After Artist Accused of Assault
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Chicago rapper Noname dropped her debut studio album Room 25 last month, but she's just announced that the album artwork will be getting a makeover.
The original cover was designed by Bryant Giles, who was arrested last week for misdemeanour domestic battery causing bodily harm. He has since posted bail and is expected in court next month.
Giles was publicly accused of rape and domestic abuse against his ex-girlfriend Ellie Danisch. A woman and former classmate of Giles, who claims to be the alleged victim's best friend, went public with details of the allegations on social media last week.

If you're from Chicago, what I am about to disclose will make you vomit as you probably know the person. If you're not from Chicago, it will probably make you vomit just the same. This is the most disgusting statement I will ever write and I truly hope it is the only one I will have to. I am actually shaking writing this, but I find it necessary because in today's recent climate, where women are finally given a slightly louder microphone, I feel a duty to utilize it to the fullest ability. My former ChiArts classmate and former friend, Bryant Giles is A Rapist and A Domestic Abuser. I want to say that again, just in case you thought you read it wrong. Bryant Giles is A Rapist and A Domestic Abuser. He was picked up a few days ago by CPD for aggravated battery against his now ex-girlfriend, my best friend, Ellie Danisch. I've attached the police report. And with the love + care of friends and family, she has found strength and an admirable bravery to go forward with pressing charges against him. The trial will be in November. We can only hope the rape kit and bravery of Ellie to disclose her trauma in court will move the jury to make the right decision and convict him of rape as well as aggravated assault. He has posted bail and I'm sure is already on the move to turn people against her and defend himself, as he is a sociopath. He posted a Emmett Till photo on his IG story, so I'm going to make an educated guess that he's going to go down the 'white girl ruins black man's reputation' route and he will play the race card as well as lying about the assaults. I am making this post to warn any women in contact with him, and beg everyone who knows this despicable person to share this. Believe Me. Believe Her. Believe Us. Fellas, do not let this slide because he is your homie or you enjoy his basquiat-a** biting paintings. Women, do not let this slide because he dresses nice and has a seemingly mysterious demeanor. He is not the poetic 'started from the bottom' tortured artist he presents himself to be. He is a sociopath who once punched Ellie for asking about him cheating on her with multiple men. (continue post - link in bio) #bryantgiles

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Noname has now spoken out against Giles, saying that she is working to change the artwork to Room 25 because "I do not and will not support abusers." She also shared a message of support for Danisch.

Read that message below via Twitter.