Neil Young Unveils "Official Bootleg" Release of 1974's 'The Bottom Line'

Neil Young Unveils 'Official Bootleg' Release of 1974's 'The Bottom Line'
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
Neil Young is yet again digging deep into his vast archives for a new release. This time, it's an album that comes as part of his official "Bootleg Series" called The Bottom Line – "Citizen Kane Jr. Blues."

Young made the announcement via his Neil Young Archives, where he explained the release captures a surprise performance he did at New York's Bottom Line venue on May 16, 1974 — a recording that since been widely circulated among fans.

"In my mind it's a hazy memory," Young wrote in his announcement, "but this moment really captures the essence of where I was in 1974. Two months later, the album On the Beach was released, including songs I played that night — 'Ambulance Blues,' 'Revolution Blues,' 'On the Beach' and 'Motion Pictures.'"

The set included the song "Pushed It over the End," which at the time Young was calling "Citizen Kane Jr. Blues." He also used the show to premiere songs such as "Long May You Run," "On the Beach" and "Pardon My Heart." The set also features the only recording of "Motion Pictures."

According to Young, The Bottom Line – "Citizen Kane Jr. Blues" will arrive via Shakey Pictures Records in the first quarter 2021.

He wrote: "The first edition of the NYA Official Bootleg Series will contain at least six complete Bootleg Series offerings, the majority of which are from our own master recordings. Produced by 'The Volume Dealers,' these six albums will provide the highest quality listening available."

Young previously announced he would also be treating a 1970 performance at Carnegie Hall to an official bootleg release, though the other four volumes he mentioned have yet to be announced.

You can check out the unofficial bootleg version of The Bottom Line recording below.

As previously reported, Neil Young's Return to Greendale will arrive on November 6 through Warner. He also recently released his new EP The Times.