The Most Serene Republic "Love Loves to Love Love"

The Most Serene Republic 'Love Loves to Love Love'
Fans of the Most Serene Republic have had a long time to wait for the Ontario outfit's latest album, since they haven't released a proper new LP in six years. With Mediac set to break that streak on November 13 courtesy of MapleMusic Recordings, the band have now shared the track "Love Loves to Love Love."

This song — the title of which actually does make grammatical sense, if you think about it — wraps angular riffs up in a pretty pop-rock package, as rock guitars coexist alongside cinematically shimmering synths and airy melodies. It's in line with the bright sound of the previously unveiled "Ontario Morning."

In a statement, the band's Adrian Jewett had this to say about the track:

"Love Loves to Love Love" is a song about hypervelocity; about romance being tainted by scientific exaction; about a lack of surprises; about the impossible demands of neo-capitalism; about the rich corporations and rich politicians running and ruining all traditional ways of life; about finding love and falling deep into its chasm as the only way to survive; about about; about human arrogance; about unfulfilled desires; but most of all, it's about unlimited growth with limited resources. Momma Earth is angry.

Mediac was produced by the band's own keyboard player Ryan Lenssen and mixed by David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Holy Fuck, Super Furry Animals). For a taste of what the band cooked up, listen to "Love Loves to Love Love" below.