Machinedrum Returns with New Album 'A View of U'

Freddie Gibbs, Father, Rochelle Jordan and more contribute
Machinedrum Returns with New Album 'A View of U'
Nearly four years removed from sharing the colourful Human Energy, Machinedrum has returned with details of a new album. Producer Travis Stewart will release A View of U on October 9 through Ninja Tune.

A View of U runs 11 tracks in length and finds Stewart landing feature spots on all but three songs. Prior collaborators Jesse Boykins III, Rochelle Jordan and Chrome Sparks return to the fold, and are joined by Freddie Gibbs, Father, Sub Focus, Mono/Poly, Tanerélle and jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan.

The Gibbs-assisted "Kane Train" and album closer "Ur2yung" can be heard in the players below. "Wait 4 U" first saw release late last year as part of Adult Swim's 2019/2020 Singles Series.

An advocate of meditation, Stewart explains in a release that the use of "U" in the album's title is based on the concept of having an out of body experience (OOBE), with the letter representing the Universe or the Infinite.

"The feeling of being out of your body feels infinite. It feels like time has stopped. It feels like the birth of creation," he says. "It feels like the impossible becomes possible. It feels unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. It feels scary at first but once you let go of that fear and surrender to the experience it feels incredibly beautiful and life changing.

"When I am in the creative zone I tend to forget time, who I am and where I am. As I became aware of my OOBE through song creation, choosing what songs should go on an album as well as through my meditation, I realized that this was meant to be the central theme of the album."

Last year, Stewart joined longtime friend and collaborator Jimmy Edgar to release their debut full-length as JETS.

A View of U:

1. The Relic (ft. Rochelle Jordan)
2. Star (ft. Mono/Poly & Tanerélle)
3. Kane Train (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
4. Wait 4 U (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
5. Sleepy Pietro (ft. Tigran Hamasyan)
6. Spin Blocks (ft. Father)
7. Idea 36 (ft. Chrome Sparks)
8. Believe in U
9. 1000 Miles (ft. Sub Focus)
10. Inner Eye
11. Ur2yung

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