​Mac DeMarco Addresses the Mitski Controversy: "I'm Not Trying to Troll Mitski"

​Mac DeMarco Addresses the Mitski Controversy: 'I'm Not Trying to Troll Mitski'
Mac DeMarco's recent album announcement was plagued with controversy when fans drew similarities between his title, Here Comes the Cowboy, and that of Mitski's 2018 album, Be the Cowboy (not to mention that they both have tracks called "Nobody").
At the time, Mitski laughed it off as a coincidence, and now DeMarco has spoken about the whole ordeal for the first time.
Talking to Huck magazine, DeMarco said, "I think a lot of people wanna dig the knife into me. Which is fine. It's funny — there isn't really a narrative with my new record. There's no card to play. They found one, you know?"
He continued, "I'm not trying to troll Mitski. I didn't know who Mitski was! I'm bad at keeping up with music. I only listen to the Beatles and videogame music from when I was a kid. Sorry."
DeMarco added that Mitski was "chill with it" and that he "didn't think people were gonna run with it that far." He also pointed out how different their records sound and argued that "with music today, [it seems] a lot of it isn't about music."
Read the full interview here via Huck.
When the controversy initially broke, Mitski tweeted, "I'm 100% sure Mac & I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious!"
When her fans got heated on Twitter, she urged them to get off Twitter and stop defending her in a battle she never wanted to participate in in the first place.
DeMarco's new album Here Comes the Cowboy is due out May 10 via Mac's Record Label/Royal Mountain Records.