Long Distance Poison Technical Mentality

Long Distance Poison Technical Mentality
Operating as Long Distance Poison, Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury manipulate modular and analogue synths into sustained drone explorations lasting just a few ticks shy of 20 minutes per track. Steadily releasing albums since the 2010s, Long Distance Poison combine a post-rock ethos with ambient drones and sequenced algorithms.
Technical Mentality is an affirmation of much of their previous work. The tracks manoeuvre from glassy sci-fi soundscapes to gritty machine electronics, all designed to suck out any free quiet space from our consciousness. Fans of ambient drone will appreciate the mostly relentless atonal forms that are subtly interrupted by harmonic complements.
In particular, "Sunset In a Server" simulates the inner workings of the machines that seemingly run our lives. The track finishes with a crescendo of harmonic content and sustained bell notes, only to return to the gloomy hum of electronic rpms.
Technical Mentality unfolds like a live improvisational performance. For the most part, the textures happily guzzle up frequencies, but remain fairly pleasant to the ear. There are a few moments where the longevity and amplitude of the notes seem almost unbearable, but noise and drone fans might just be looking for that kind of cerebral assault. (Hausu Mountain)