Lido Pimienta Shares a Lullaby to Her Baby "Nada"

Watch her new video from the upcoming album 'Miss Colombia'
Lido Pimienta Shares a Lullaby to Her Baby 'Nada'
Lido Pimienta is getting set to release her new album Miss Colombia, and she's just broke us off another piece, sharing the record's "Nada."

The newly shared album track comes complete with a music video, and in a statement, Pimienta revealed a whole lot behind the song's motivations:
"Nada" was written a few days after I gave birth to my daughter ... After giving birth, my body had a hole in it. I felt empty yet heavy at the same time.
That kind of pain, trauma and shock to the body is hard to explain. It's "pungent" pain, inside of you. It got me thinking about my period cramps when I was still a tween, not understanding why 'being a woman' meant to bleed and to hurt and yet, we are 'the weaker sex.'
I wrote a lullaby to my baby, but I feel as though my daughter gifted me this song, to protect her and tell her 'don't be afraid of death, it is the least of your worries, you are a woman in the world. If death comes to your door, it wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen to you.

Watch the video to "Nada" below.

As previously reported, Miss Colombia will arrive on April 17 via Fontana North/Anti-. The album marks the follow-up to 2017's La Papessa, which won the Polaris Music Prize that year. Pimienta has a series of tour dates coming up, and you can also find those below.

Tour dates:
03/06 Sudbury, ON - Bloom Festival              
03/13 Chicago, IL - Fullerton Hall - Art Institute of Chicago
03/16-21 Austin, TX - SXSW
04/25 Toronto, ON - Cecil Community Centre
04/30 Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg
05/05 Brooklyn, NY - Public Records