Kaskade "Never Sleep Alone"

Kaskade 'Never Sleep Alone'
With festival season right around the corner, EDM producer Kaskade has unveiled his next blockbuster single: "Never Sleep Alone."

The song pairs slick synths with sweet-sung melodies from Tess Comrie. The track begins fairly restrained, but at the 1:12 mark, a classic electro buildup gives way to a banging beat.

The producer Ryan Raddon said in a statement, "I have a hard time sleeping on the road, especially coming off the high of an incredible show. The road can be lonely and I feel this the most when I lay down at night. However, I'm never truly sleeping alone because I'm with my thoughts and dreams. This sparked the creation of the song and how the hook came to be — 'we never sleep alone.'"

Hear it below. It's being released through Warner Bros. Records/Arkade.