Kaskade Here & Now

After exploding with 2003’s debut It’s You It’s Me, some might feel it was somewhat premature for Kaskade to be already releasing what is essentially a "best of” after only two artist albums. Nonetheless, Here & Now is a collection of all of the singles plus some rare tracks and b-sides previously unreleased by one of the hottest house names to emerge from the Bay Area. With every sexy track there is yet another idiomatic vocalist to mould dulcet lyrics over warmly textured bass lines and soothing synths. The beats, often seeming to derive from a more tech-y sound than the other instrumentation, give Kaskade’s music much of its flow and captivation lacked by other vocal house producers. The two CDs easily encompass his relatively small body of work though there are some fresh pieces on here that definitely make it interesting enough for someone who has heard it all before and a little ray of sunshine for everyone else. (Om)