Kardinal Offishall to Host "The Kardi Party" on Virgin Radio

Kardinal Offishall to Host 'The Kardi Party' on Virgin Radio
Kardinal Offishall has been recognized for forging his own path forward through the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. So while a handful of other artists line up at Apple's door in hopes of securing their own Beats 1 Radio show, the Canadian hip-hop stalwart is set to launch his own with Virgin Radio this weekend.

Taking to social media this morning (September 30), Kardinal announced that "The Kardi Party" will air across the country on Virgin Radio each weekend from tomorrow onward, with availability on IHeartRadio coming soon afterwards.

A press release from Bell Media says the show will feature "today's hottest hits, recent chart-toppers, and some old skool jams from the back of the crates" in uniting fans in "a coast-to-coast, 'turnt up' party session along with Offishall, one of Canada's pre-eminent artists and musical ambassadors."

As for Offishall himself, he had this to say:

From Halifax to Van City and everywhere in between...some may say "why are you doing commercial radio? They only play mainstream pop music"... The answer is kind of simple. I'm bringing the best to the best. A long time ago there was ZERO rap played anywhere. Someone had to take that first step and now rap is played around the world! I need y'all to grow with me and watch the bigger vision unfold over time. You need the people to blaze trails and change people's limited perception of who you are, what you can do and how you do it."

To my fans and new fans-just trust me — I know i take a lot of risks, but so far so good. I've ended up in
Billboard, in the boardroom, and now every week I'll be on radio playing the most popular songs across the nation. I couldn't do it without y'all. I will continue to kick open doors and bring my vibes to the planet in various forms. Every week it'll get better and better.

"The Kardi Party" will air nationwide on Virgin Radio stations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. 

Read the MC's full announcement below, and discover five noteworthy facts you may not know about Kardinal Offishall here.