The Interrupters "Family" (ft. Tim Armstrong) (video)

The Interrupters 'Family' (ft. Tim Armstrong) (video)
Hellcat signees the Interrupters are showing off their kin, as well as their thematically on-point "Family" single, in a new party vid promoting the band's upcoming self-titled debut.

Served up, obviously, in two-tone black and white, the video first finds the ska band delivering their poppy, up-stroke-heavy jam in the practice space with their producer/label boss/musical collaborator Tim Armstrong. The Rancid leader and his protégés soon take the track to their people, performing outdoors for a bunch of friendly faces. Though an animated cop tries to break up the party, there's just no stopping the Interrupters.

You'll find the video down below, while the band's first full-length drops August 5 via Hellcat.