Hayden Treats 'Moving Careful' to Expanded 20th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

Hayden Treats 'Moving Careful' to Expanded 20th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue
Following an anniversary edition of Everything I Long For, Canadian songwriting hero Hayden is giving his Moving Careful release the same treatment.

On March 9, Hayden will release the 1996 EP as an expanded 20th anniversary edition, both on vinyl and digitally. It will mark the first vinyl pressing of the release since it initially arrived as a 10-inch.

Moving Careful was originally recorded in the mid-'90s and released via Hardwood/Sonic Unyon in late 1996. For the expanded reissue, Side 2 of the release will include a series of rare recording captured between '94 and '96.

In a statement, Hayden had this to say about the release:

After touring my debut, Everything I Long For, across Canada for the better part of two years from 1994-96, I celebrated its imminent International release by developing a strong dislike for the sound of my music. A major sticking point in my negotiations with Outpost Recordings (my US label at the time) was to have the ability to release singles and EPs on my own or through smaller labels. They agreed, and Moving Careful was born from late night obsessions on the third floor of a rented Victorian house in Toronto. Although much of my debut was recorded on a 4-track cassette, I was eager to get back to my Yamaha MT100 II, and very inspired by what Eric's Trip and Lou Barlow were doing at the time.

Down below, you can check out the reissue's newly expanded tracklist, and that's its updated cover above.

Moving Careful - Plus Rarities:

1. Pots and Pans
2. Stride
3. Middle of July
4. Old Fashioned Way
5. Half For Me
6. Choking
7. You are All I Have
8. A Fortune I'd Kept
9. Hazy
10. I Wake Up With Me
11. Mild
12. Winter Trip
13. Carry On Mentality
14. Wasting My Days Away