Guess Who Let's Go

After losing their paisley shirts on an ill-advised trip to England in 1967, the Guess Who almost called it quits before accepting a steady job as house band for CBC TV’s teen dance party show, Let’s Go. Hosted by Chad Allen (whom the band had sacked a year earlier), the weekly gig lasted for the better part of two years, during which time the group transformed itself from cover-band extraordinaire to an original songwriting powerhouse. This 18-song collection documents that transition with renditions of popular favourites of the day by the likes of the Doors, Beatles, Zombies and Cream, along with prototypes of later Guess Who classics "No Time” and "These Eyes,” and a few lesser-known numbers. The sound quality leaves a bit to be desired, but that’s not the selling point of this exceptional and long forgotten material. The disc also features a pair of live, black-and-white videos from the TV show and a number of cool stills of the young band. (Maximum Music)