Fu Manchu Go For It…Live!

You wanted the riffs — you got the riffs. Twenty-two tracks of Fu Manchu’s greatest hits, played blisteringly, live in Stockholm, Sweden and L.A. As the first disc (of two) opens, the crowd chants for Fu Manchu to rock their socks — and rock they do. Peeling out with King Of The Road’s "Hell On Wheels” and closing 90-something minutes later with "Saturn III” from The Action Is Go, Go For It…Live! covers all six studio albums and throws in "Godzilla,” the Blue Oyster Cult cover from their Man’s Ruin single/EP. We can leave it to the fan-boys to debate the track selection, but overall the performances are pretty tight. And, one advantage of starting with a vocal range as limited as Scott Hill’s is that no one can complain that he didn’t hit all the note(s) he did on their studio releases. A live record isn’t necessarily the best launching point to introduce oneself to Fu Manchu, but Go For It…Live! is a smoking overview of some of the band’s hotter skateboard, custom van, and pinball-fuelled rockers. (Steamhammer)