DIIV Fort York, Toronto ON, June 5

DIIV Fort York, Toronto ON, June 5
Photo: Shane Parent
"I don't know how we could follow up an act like Charles Bradley," Zachary Cole Smith admitted as DIIV took the stage following a set from the soul music vet that had brought the sun back to Fort York. "I don't even know what I'm doing up here."
His comments were partially in jest, of course, but it did take the Brooklyn five-piece a bit of time to settle in and gel on the Field Trip stage, with the members looking a little less animated through "Under the Sun" and "How Long Have You Known?" than their upbeat sound might have initially suggested.
Propelled by the strength of drummer Ben Wolf, whose stamina and power were on full display, "Dopamine" saw the band become a little livelier, with gentle vocal harmonies between Smith and Colin Caulfield meshing well. The cascading leads of "Sometime" led to the sky opening up to rain down in time for "Oshin," a poetic moment that wasn't lost on the crowd pumping their fists and guitarist Andrew Bailey looking skyward past the blue stage lights every so often to get a glimpse of the weather.
By "Incarnate Devil," they were firing on all cylinders, with a push pit starting up as Smith and Bailey's reverberating guitars howled away.