Die Antwoord Umshini Wam (Harmony Korine-directed short film)

Die Antwoord <i>Umshini Wam</i> (Harmony Korine-directed short film)
Teaming South Africa's zeffest electro rap outfit, Die Antwoord, with Trash Humpers/Gummo director Harmony Korine seems as if it would be a match made in weirdo heaven, but together they've produced the surprisingly heart-warming short film, Umshini Wam.

The 15-minute clip presents the group's Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er as wheelchair-bound, homeless thugs who spend most of their time shooting off machine guns on the waterfront, rapping on benches and smoking giant joints. On paper, it doesn't sound that charming, but the bizarre flick demonstrates a tender relationship between the two, even when they go on a violent killing spree to nab motorized wheelchairs and holographic mags.

One thing's for sure, despite the violence, this is a lot gentler on the eyes than that one Die Antwoord vid with all the dildos.

Check it out below.