Die Antwoord "Cookie Thumper" (video)

Die Antwoord 'Cookie Thumper' (video)
South African shock-rap outfit Die Antwoord are known for their grotesque videos, but the clip for "Cookie Thumper" is extreme even for them.

The clip, which was directed by the band's own Ninja, begins with a lengthy skit in which vocalist Yo-Landi Vi$$er talks tattoos and prison with a local drug dealer. Once the peculiar, beat-heavy rap cut starts, we see scantily clad dance sequences, weed smoking, a highly suggestive sex scene, and Yo-Landi peeing on the stairs. There's no nudity, but you might want to consider this one NSFW nevertheless.

"Cookie Thumper" is expected to appeal on Die Antwoord's upcoming album, which is called Donker Mag and is scheduled to come out next year.