Counterparts You're Not You Anymore

Counterparts You're Not You Anymore
There was a bit of concern from fans when Counterparts' lead guitarist and main songwriter Jesse Doreen announced that he was parting ways with Counterparts over a year ago. While some thought this might be the end of the band's steady growth, vocalist Brendan Murphy (at the helm of the group's Twitter account) assured their audience that they shouldn't worry. His replacement, Blake Hardman, previously played in peer bands Gideon and Hundredth.

From the get-go, Counterparts make it clear that they have their songwriting down to a science on You're Not You Anymore. The first two singles, "Bouquet" and "No Servant of Mine," comfortably showcase captivating choruses and fast, hardcore-influenced tempos. Will Putney (who produced the band's last two releases) successfully captures the group's effortless melodic flow, raw heaviness and vulnerable lyrical delivery once again, and "Arms Like Teeth" is proof of their chemistry.
The album barely cracks the 30-minute mark, so mellower moments ("Haunt Me") end up feeling a bit like wasted time, but all is forgiven considering they're stacked against songs like "Rope" and "Thieves," some of the heaviest and most exciting material Counterparts have ever released.
Outside of the lineup change, there is very little to differentiate this great album from the rest of the band's catalogue. You're Not You Anymore is surely an ironic title; this is a honed-in version of Counterparts that showcases the band's best aspects. (New Damage/Pure Noise)