Converge Mistaken for Internet Company in the Philippines

"Still just a hardcore band over here"
Converge Mistaken for Internet Company in the Philippines
Despite a recent foray into the virtual world, Converge have been forced to clarify that they are not an internet service provider in the Philippines.

Last Friday (January 15), the band took notice of some social media engagement from overseas, pointing to a number of Facebook comments in Filipino concerned with the status of their internet connections. The users had in fact mixed up the page belonging to the crushing American outfit with that of Converge ICT Solutions.

"Hey everyone... still just a hardcore band over here," Converge wrote on Facebook. "Covid has not forced us to become an internet provider in the Philippines yet, but we hope everyone over there gets their internet access back."

They added, "While you're here though click the link to our webstore and grab yourself a cool T-shirt or something. 😂 😂 😂 😂.."

Converge's most recent album was 2017's The Dusk in Us, which they followed with 2018 EP Beautiful Ruin. Last year, the band shared 31-minute song "Endless Arrow."

In 2020, Converge frontman Jacob Bannon formed new band Umbra Vitae and teased another project with members of Megadeth, Napalm Death and Nasum.