CFCF Delivers 'Night Bus 4'

Hear the latest instalment in the Canadian producer's long-running mix series
CFCF Delivers 'Night Bus 4'
CFCF is back with the next instalment of his long-running Night Bus mix series. Featuring an array of new and unreleased material, Night Bus 4 is out now.

In a press release, the new mix is described as "CFCF's most personal work to date." It marks the Canadian producer's first Night Bus release since 2014, and apparently it began after a bad breakup.

In a statement, CFCF explained the following:

I started working on Night Bus 4 in October 2016, after the dissolution of the longest and most serious relationship of my life. And then of course the election happened, but things had already felt kind of lost leading up to that. The mix is really about loss — loss of self, loss of love, loss of people, being physically lost. I kept tinkering with the mix for 2 plus years. Some tracks that were fresh at the time gradually took on a bit of patina, started to feel like artifacts of the very recent past. Since time seems to be moving faster than ever, yesterday's rising tracks take on a nostalgic tone real fast. 

How long ago was October 2016? We were all such different people then. The mix is littered with meta-references to my other work. In many ways Night Bus 4 is the most personal thing I've ever made ‚ the relationship I have with these songs has been set it stone, they now totally overlap and intertwine with each other in my memory. 1996 and 2016 seem barely different. I don't know if that feeling will translate for listeners, but there are points in this mix that, when I listen back, always deliver a rush of blurry, painful emotion; memories out of time.

Listen to Night Bus 4 for yourself down below.

Earlier this year, CFCF released his album Liquid Colours.