Black Rebel Motorcycle Club release Download-Only Album

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club release Download-Only Album
This week, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took many fans by surprise with the sudden release of a new download-only album. Titled The Effects of 333, the ten-track offering of "instrumental/ambient tracks” sneaked online Saturday (November 1) and is now available to buy here.

The Effects of 333 marks the first album the band have released independently and through their Abstract Dragon imprint. It’s also a record that took the group a whole three years to make.

"No lyrics, no apologies, no regrets, just abstract,” BRMC say in an online statement. "This has been in the works for the last three years at least, on and off the road, in hotel rooms, bus bunks, and back stage."

Along with the album, BRMC say fans will have the option to get a few add-on features. "Included with the audio is a link to a website that we hope you will visit — we feel it is an important issue,” the band says. "When you visit the site, there will be a poem to download that is hidden in one of the songs and also an acoustic version/remix of ‘Too Real.’ You can get both of these downloads with a donation to their campaign.” (To figure out which website the band are referring to you’ll apparently have to buy the album.)

Also, BRMC add that they have a new DVD on the way; however, they have yet to leak any details about what will be included on this release.

Here is the tracklisting to The Effects of 333:

1. "The Effects Of 33”
2. "Still No Answer”
3. "I Know You're in There”
4. "And With This Comes”
5. "A Sad State”
6. "A Twisted State”
7. "Sedated with Sterilized Tongues”
8. "We're Not Welcome Alone”
9. "Or Needed”
10. "And When Was Better”

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