August Alsina "Song Cry"

August Alsina 'Song Cry'
New Orleans R&B singer August Alsina is apparently putting the finishing touches on a second full-length release for Def Jam, which should probably bring tears of joy to the eyes of his fans. On the flip, his newly previewed, saddened slow jam "Song Cry" will have you welling up for other reasons.

The track has the singer noting up front that he's emotional, and that he's not one to keep his feeling bottled up. "I can't hold back these tears," he sings, before adding dejectedly, "they say a man ain't supposed to cry."

It's an affecting piece of music, rife with confusion about both family and the music industry ("I figured maybe Jay or Cole or Drizzy Drake would drop a verse and tell the people how we hurtin' / Guess I was mistaken"), and it comes equipped with minor key guitar melodies. You can check it out below.

Though a due date has yet to be locked down, Alsina's This Thing Called Life is expected to drop later this year.