​Arca Unveils $6,500 BDSM-Style Headphones

​Arca Unveils $6,500 BDSM-Style Headphones
Experimental electronic artist and frequent Björk collaborator Arca has teamed up with some new creative companions for a detour into the world of wearable technology. In conjunction with Canadian retailer SSENSE and London leather company Fleet Ilya, the producer has designed BDSM-inspired headphones.
Dubbed the Tormenta Cage Headphone Head Piece, the creation is selling for a cool $6,450 USD (approximately $8,235 CAD). But even with that hefty price tag, there's no warranty on the technology — a disclaimer warns that it's "being sold to you exclusively as an art object and is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty" and that "use of the product by a user is at the user's own risk and peril."
The Tormenta Cage is crafted using buffed leather and features studded detailing, suede-covered ear pads, a detachable post-stud cinch tab, remote, cable, D-ring hardware and an adjustable collar. You know, for when you're admiring it as an art piece and not actually using it to listen to music.
If your "Fetiche" is overpriced, impractical, not-very-wearable wearable tech, head over here to get the Arca-designed piece.
Read Arca's tongue-in-cheek description of the artistic collaboration below via Instagram.