Susan Sarandon Is Beefing with AOC over Health Care

"We're losing hope here that you represent us"
Susan Sarandon Is Beefing with AOC over Health Care
As the Delta variant of COVID-19 surges around the world, our neighbours to the south have been seeing an influx of the virus's spread, leading some to worry about a deadly new wave coming this fall. As such, protesters have been leading campaigns urging politicians to declare another state of emergency in the U.S., and pleading with their representatives to provide Medicare for All.

Leading one such protest this week was Susan Sarandon. With a long history of political activism, Sarandon's participation in political protests is far from unexpected, however, where she showed up on Monday (July 26), is perhaps a little more surprising.

In an effort to persuade Joe Biden's administration to declare COVID-19 a public health emergency, Sarandon pulled a Jane Fonda and parked herself in front of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Bronx office to demand more radical action from the politician known for her progressive platform.

"I'm here to say to the squad, and especially AOC, who, you know did make a lot of promises, that we still have faith in you and we would like to see if you have a better plan than we've been able to see, please share it," Sarandon said at the protest.

She added: "If there's a pathway you've got that we're not aware of please share it. Because we're losing hope here that you represent us. It's so difficult for people that are independent to get elected in the first place — and then to see the very people that sponsored the bill not stand up for it, is very disheartening."

Watch footage from the event below.