David Fincher Will Direct 'The Killer' for Netflix

Michael Fassbender will star as an assassin with a conscience
David Fincher Will Direct 'The Killer' for Netflix
With Mank finally in the books, director David Fincher has signed onto a new deal with Netflix to direct a film adaption of a French graphic novel by Alexis Nolent titled The Killer.

While Fincher had to take a step back from his other recent Netflix project Mindhunter after only two seasons, the filmmaker is now slated to begin shooting The Killer with Michael Fassbender as the movie's lead at some point this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Killer will tell the story of an assassin who "begins to psychologically crack as he develops a conscience."

Fincher's latest — which will arrive as part of his four-year deal with Netflix — is being written by Andrew Kevin Walker, who previously worked with the director on Fight Club and Seven. Ceán Chaffin is on board to executive produce.