Paul Rudd Wants You to Yeet Coronavirus in New PSA

Paul Rudd Wants You to Yeet Coronavirus in New PSA
Famous millennial Paul Rudd wants you to wear a mask to help beat coronavirus.

Part of that sentence is true — Rudd is pleading with millennials to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask, but he's only adopting youth culture to convince "the kids" it's cool.

​In the new PSA rife with teen slang — like yeet, dank, beast, and more — Rudd goes full "how do you do, fellow kids"-cringe in order to spread the message that young people are transmitting the virus without knowing it. To up the meme-ability of the content, he even invited Hot Ones host Sean Evans to participate in the video so they could recreate the 2019 "Look at us" meme.

Though he may look and say otherwise, the ageless actor is not actually 26 years old. While Rudd looks like he's been drinking from the fountain of youth, the man who celebrated 51 years on Earth earlier this year openly admits he owes his youthful appearance to "pure darkness" and "a little moisturizer."

Is it funny? Is it cringe? It doesn't matter. It's for a good cause. Watch the PSA below.