The Real Sickies "Cool Club" (video)

The Real Sickies 'Cool Club' (video)
Edmonton rockers the Real Sickies are masters of the form when it comes to peppy, straight-ahead Ramonescore, as is clearly evident on their new single "Cool Club." Today, Exclaim! is happy to premiere the video for the song.

The track is a fast fist-pumper that never lets up in its brief runtime, and it's been accompanied by a similarly straightforward music video. The vid sees the Sickies post up in a shack (presumably the location for their cool club) and blast through the anthem. Shot in black and white, the video's quick edits keep it from ever feeling too simple.

Watch the video for "Cool Club" below. The song will appears on the band's brand new 7-inch, available now from Teenage Rampage Records.