Smoke Or Fire This Sinking Ship

Smoke Or Fire are good at what they do, even if what they do isn’t overly original. At times, they possess a striking resemblance to bands like Face To Face, with two singers harmonising with each other for the better part of a number of songs. The tunes are catchy and it’s easy to tap your foot along without even realising you’re doing it. The production is excellent, allowing every instrument to shine. That said, it feels like something is missing. Perhaps it’s that Smoke Or Fire simply came along too late — the band’s style is more akin to mid-’90s skate punk, a genre that was done and done well by numerous bands over a decade ago. However, there are still moments on This Sinking Ship that will make you smile, like "Little Bohemia,” a song about good times with good friends — when the singer exclaims, "I could sit in this place all day and watch nothing around me change” it brings up feelings of nostalgia while also emerging as an apt metaphor for Smoke Or Fire’s music. You’re not going to find anything new here but it’s a fun ride. (Fat Wreck)