Naked Raygun Get Set for New Instalments in Seven-Inch Series

Naked Raygun Get Set for New Instalments in Seven-Inch Series
Chicago punk legends Naked Raygun are once again hitting the studio to record material for a new series of seven-inches, their first recorded output in 20 years.

The latest recording session, which begins on March 19 and will once again be done in their hometown at Transient Sound Studios, is planned to result in enough material to continue releasing seven-inch records throughout the year.

As we told you in July, an earlier recording session this summer produced the first single in the series, which promptly sold out upon its release. The second record in the series, which will be spawned from this new recording session, is set for digital and physical release on June 15 on Riot Fest Records.

The influential melodic punk rock band were a Chicago institution in the '80s, releasing a handful of classic records before the band splintered in the early '90s with members going on to play in bands such as Pegboy and the Bomb.

A reunion show at 2006's Riot Fest in Chicago, spurred on by drummer Eric Spicer, sold out a 4,000-seat venue and reignited the band for a reunion tour. Since then the band have talked about recording new material, but didn't get into the studio until this year.

Naked Raygun are also working on a video for one of the new songs and are planning a European tour for the summer of 2010.