Mico Standing Inside A Shadow

Like kids to broccoli, Mico are strongly adverse to sappy love songs. Mico blasts through 11 explosively emotional songs with a feistiness propelled by three seamlessly interwoven guitars and a tireless rhythm section. However, instead of relying on feelings that usually drive heartbroken musicians to write the best and worst poetry ever, Mico lunge forth with a passionate frustration coupled with complacency. If you opt to zone out on the meaningful lyrics (dramatically delivered by John Stewart), it'll be easy to drift away in the warm swirls of compelling instrumentation. The momentum stays alive throughout the album - not only is the album tight and concise, but it's an exciting listen, too. Fans of Hot Water Music, Swervedriver and Samiam should prick up their ears and give this album a spin. (Does Everyone Stare)