Marc Bell's Marmalade Duplex Introduce Us to "New System"

Hear the newly shared track from the Canadian group's upcoming record 'Play the Tuna Olive Village'
Marc Bell's Marmalade Duplex Introduce Us to 'New System'
Marmalade Duplex — the musical project led by Canadian cartoonist Marc Bell, Tyson Brinacombe and Brad De Roo — are readying their debut album Play the Tuna Olive Village. Arriving as the first release by Corduroy Palace Records, the album promises "an unforgettable deluge of wobbly tunes featuring guitars, drums, voices and other machines (including water)." Right now, get an idea what to expect with the track "New System."

Speaking of Marmalade Duplex's newly shared song, Bell offered up the following:

The narrator of this song is the lease holder for an apartment subleased to a Mr. Rotating Taps. The narrator admits to being a phony but also claims '"Who works." There is an insert for the upcoming LP which features a long 'thinkpiece' penned by Mr. Rotating Taps. In this, Taps explains how he moved to a place called the Tuna Olive Village to compose more of his avante garde gelatin salad recipes in secret (under the guise of being a craft beer aficionado/reviewer).

Pectin Bungalow recorded the vocal demo for this one at home through the mic on his mid-2012 laptop. When it was later recorded more professionally he didn't like his results in the first section and so that original recording was used instead to capture the true spirit of the song. Multi-instrumentalists Telly Salmonayonaise and Brad D. Slab provide the responses to the calls in the final section where Pectin claims "My bones are made of dough!" and "My bones are made of money!"

If that all sounds pretty wild to you, just wait until you check out "New System" for yourself down below.

Play the Tuna Olive Village is now available to pre-order. It comes featuring art by Bell, and the record is expect out in May. You can get further details over here.