Lo-Fi-Fnk "Want U"

Lo-Fi-Fnk 'Want U'
It's been a while since Stockholm's cream of the pop last checked in. To be exact, Lo-Fi-Fnk haven't released anything since 2006, when they dropped their rather brilliant Boylife LP and subsequent singles and remixes. Well, it looks like Leo Drougge and August Hellsing are finally up to something, as they've released a new track titled "Want U" on the new Kitsuné Maison 6 comp.

Here's a message about "Want U" the duo posted on their MySpace blog:

Hi guys. Yes, we have let out a relatively new song on the Kitsuné Maison 6 compilation. Cause we don't want to go all chinese democracy on you. :D Just have to tell you that releasing 'Want U' is just thought of as a hello to all fans and doesn't mean that we are gonna drop an album in a near future which some people have thought. This is not an "excuse" for the song, it's a special one for us and it's not impossible it will end up on the album aswell. Also, don't think that "this is how the new album is gonna sound". This song is more like a bit of the old and a bit of the new. Regarding the album, we have a title for it, we are halfway in. Thank you everyone who keeps reminding us that we have some kind of following out there. Hope to see you soon. Best, Leo and August LFF

As they say, "Want U" is a stopgap caught in the middle of Boylife's micro-synth pop sound and wherever they end up in the future. It doesn't seem to be in such a rush like previous cuts "Change Channel" or "The End," which is certainly a sign — a small one — that they're moving on. But this relaxed Lo-Fi-Fnk use a lot of the same characteristics: crescendoing synths, handclaps and a pretty minimal but still thumping blend of rhythms, both live and programmed. It's Leo and August's vocal/melody simplicity that, once again, elevates the song to a standard that only they can meet.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have no clue as to why these guys don't have a record deal in North America and aren't playing Justice-sized tours. Someone call Ripley's...

Lo-Fi-Fnk "Want U"