​LCD Soundsystem's Al Doyle Says They Didn't Retire "to Sell More Tickets"

"The motivation was to make the show something incredible, something singular, strange and unrepeatable. Which it remains, I think"
​LCD Soundsystem's Al Doyle Says They Didn't Retire 'to Sell More Tickets'
Yesterday (August 21), LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy implied the band's 2011 show at Madison Square Garden was billed as the band's last as a means to generate ticket sales.
Now, multi-instrumentalist Al Doyle has taken to Twitter to clarify Murphy's comments and responded to criticism about the group's recent decision to reform, making a distinction between "inspiration" and "motivation."

Doyle explained that Murphy getting pissed at the promoter and spontaneously deciding that the MSG concert would be "our last fucking show" may well have inspired the decision to breakup, but insists that the motivation behind ending the band wasn't just to sell more tickets.
"My theory was, if I make it our last show, we'll sell it out in two weeks," Murphy previously told the New York Times. "It wasn't a total lark, but it was a bit larky. But I like making decisions. I find it easy."
Doyle, meanwhile, denied that they would have "shit on 10 years together and effectively halt at least some of our careers to sell literally a few thousand more tickets for one show," arguing instead that the intention for the MSG finale was to create "something incredible, something singular, strange and unrepeatable" — which he believes the 2011 concert remains to this day.
Doyle also pointed out to people thinking that the show was a money grab that the concert actually "lost A LOT of money."
He went on to addresses conspiracy theorists accusing the band of faking their own death to make a successful comeback, straight up admitting that Murphy isn't enough of a "stone-cold crystal-balled mystical Svengali" to pull that off.
Finally, he said that he also doesn't fully understand the "WHY" behind the band's decision to come out of retirement, but concludes by noting: "I do need y'all to know it wasn't to grub ticket money."
Read his full string of tweets below.
Whatever the exact reason, LCD Soundsystem are reunited and back with a brand new album called American Dream on September 1. See the band's upcoming tour dates here.